Hello and welcome!  I love working with glass and making anything and everything I can dream of and am able to execute - stained glass panels and fused glass platters, lamps and sun catchers, candle holders and night lights.

Stained glass is ancient and very capricious: it is flat, rigid and needs to be positioned and lit in a certain way.  As an art form, it is often associated with church windows and formal interior design - people often forget that over the centuries it has evolved and has been reinvented countless times. 

Glass is an amazing medium that has a limitless potential because it drastically changes its appearance depending on lighting.  My designs are meant to fit into the modern-day interiors and interact with light and the surrounding environment.  My stained glass panels need to be displayed in a window, with trees or buildings in the background, with shadows running through them. The surrounding rhythm of life is picked up by the glass and the panel is not still anymore, it is in fluid motion and that is what I hope will bring the feeling of fleeting stillness to my works.