Getting It Just Perfect

My Matrix Spring panel began its life as a part of a sketch for a much bigger panel.  I started working on it only to realize that out of the whole design I was going for I really liked only this tree.  Luckily I have started with the tree, so none of my time has been wasted.  Or so I thought.


So, I built the rest of the panel around the tree I already had and finished it with a beveled border.  Matrix Spring hung in my living room for a couple of months, and then I realized that out of the whole panel I really hated the tree.  Yep.  It was way too loud and irregular.

My husband suggested I put the panel into storage and forget about it, but, of course, I simply could not do it.  So, the next twist of the evolutionary spiral has began. 

First, I removed the old tree from the panel.  Initially, I thought that I could take it out and reuse it later, but that was taking way too long and I had no choice but to break it. 

Then, I built another tree that fit the design perfectly.  This tree had only two types of glass in it and really stepped up to the "matrix" idea - it was also checkered. 

Finally, I placed the new tree into the old panel and voila - it was whole again!  Never mind that it took me as long to switch out the tree as it originally took to build the panel - now it was just perfect...