The Owl
The owl is wary, the owl is wise.
He knows all the names of the stars in the skies.
He hoots and he toots and he lives by his wits,
but mostly he sits. . . (and he sits. . . and he sits).

This is only one of many Owl poems my kids recite.  The Owl seems to periodically come back as one of their favorite characters year after year despite all the tinkerbells, avatars, and whatever-the-main-character-was-in-the-last-movie-they-saw :)

I myself am impartial to owls and was very happy when a few years back I tracked down and purchased this vintage instant collection of ceramic owls.

I also decided to make some owls of my own and thought they would make great candle holders. These two owls are made of chocolate- and caramel-colored glass but glow with a purplish hue in the dark.  They are a matched pair and are for sale in my shop. Until their new owner comes along though they sit on my fireplace mantel lovingly looking at each other.