Inspired by Fall

This past weekend, I was walking in the park with my kids thinking that Fall - my favorite season - was almost upon us.  All the trees are still green, but you can feel it in the air, it is almost Fall.  I have made two stained glass panels in the past that were inspired by Fall and by turning leaves.  One was called Change of Seasons and depicted autumn and winter, you can see it here in my other journal post.  The other was titled Flaming September and you can see the photograph here.  So, walking in the park, I was starting to think I wanted to make yet another one, but was not sure if such repetition was such a good idea it being the third time...

I have to mention that both of my Fall panels were purchased by the same person, and not simultaneously.  The Change of Seasons was purchased first last spring, and then the same lady came back for the Flaming September about a month later.  So, I got back home from the park and found an email in my mailbox from her.  She wrote:

I had to write and let you know how much I am enjoying the two pieces I bought from you. I just put them in my windows this weekend since autumn is finally coming to Chicago!! They are both so very beautiful and I have gotten compliments on them. The Changing Seasons piece is amazing in that the winter part of it really looks like a winter sky and landscape and the whole piece changes as the sunlight plays on it. The Flaming September piece is beautiful also--I love the three autumn trees that look like large leaves. Both pieces are breathtaking and inspiring. You have no idea how much pleasure your art is bringing me....thanks again and hope you have a wonderful autumn.  

Do you think I had any more doubts as to whether I should make a third Fall-inspired panel or not?  Yes, you guessed it right, I had no more doubts.  I have actually started working on it last night and I will give you a little sneak peek here :)   Not too much, not to spoil the future first impression from the whole panel, the design really IS different, but the trees that look like large leaves are definitely there.