Working with Agates

I love creating mixed media projects and try to incorporate beads, found objects, and even feathers into my stained glass  works.  Using agate geode slices in my works was a no-brainer and I have been doing this for a long time, starting with my signature Iris designs. 

A while ago I have purchased a sealed bag of small agate slices in various shapes that were naturally colored.  I have created a couple of lamps with these picking out slices that matched each other in color and shape. 

After that I was still left with quite a few slices that were not well matched.  I thought of what I could do with them - and then decided that since nothing in Nature was matchy-matchy I should just use the unmatched stones to as highlights in my works.

These two business card holders are samples of what I have been making.  In the first one geodes match in color - grey black - but their shapes and sizes are varied.  I used them to create a design that was inspired by bird feathers.  In the second one the shapes are somewhat similar but there is a wide variety of colors, and I think it is just perfectly illustrates how imaginative Mother Nature is.