November just flashed by.  We paid our dues to the turkey cult and completely ignored the shopping frenzy.  Well, not completely, of course, I did buy a ton of things online, but all those reports of stores opening on Thanksgiving evening totally killed any thought of going shopping on Black Friday.

Somehow our thoughts were on the Holidays already.  Maybe it was because of the retro tinsel Christmas Tree I purchased as a photo prop.  It is 4 feet tall and pre-lit and conveniently folds into a box that takes up a tiny 6 x 6 inches square of my floor space.  After I took pictures of my Christmas items with that tree, the kids proposed we use it for decoration this season.  So it sat in my office waiting to be decorated for the whole month, and we lit it from time to time bringing in the Holiday spirit.

I also bought myself a tiny treasure - the three snowmen from FancyKnittles shop on Etsy.  I saw them by chance and they were so adorable, with their hair, scarves and all the detailing.  When I clicked on the picture to take a closer look, it turned out that those immaculately crafted pieces were tiny, they stood 2 inches tall including the hair!  The urge to hold them in the palm of my hand was overwhelming, so, 30 seconds later they were mine, and in 2 weeks they arrived from England.  And I love, Love, LOVE them!