Irises are my favorite flowers.  I suspect, you can guess that since my panel with irises is on the first page of this site, and one of the blooms from that panel I chose as an avatar for my store on Etsy.

Through my artistic career I also made an iris candle holder, iris suncatcher in a hoop, iris panel to be hang on a wall in a wooden frame, and so on.  Each of these iris flowers had an agate geode or bead in it.

I created this Iris panel to continue my series of flower panels with bevels.  This time the iris flowers are a bit more realistic - I used colors that Mother Nature has intended even though it meant that there could not be an agate slice in this one.  I used the bevels in a vertical wave to reinforce the impression of the flowers being tall, them swaying gently in the wind.

Of course, I have irises planted in my front yard and every year as I move them around I give some out, so they are now taking over my mother's front yard and my in-laws front yard : )  They are just coming up now, the stalks with buds lining up just like performers lining up onstage.  I can't wait for the performance to start - there is a wild mix of colors there and every year I let myself be surprised by mixing up the rhizomes when I replant.