Little Fluffy Clouds

April showers bring May flowers.  I am sure you have heard that before.  Well, half of April has passed already and I do not think we had a decent rain here.  It is a bit overdue, and there are showers in our weather forecast for the upcoming weekend.

Normally, I would be upset at a rainy weekend, but I think I will actually be happy.  I love when it rains in spring, well, when it rains for a short period of time.  I like how all the vegetation is given a boost, and new bright green leaves appear out of nowhere, overnight.  I like how all the dust is washed off the evergreens.  I like the smell or rainwater when it is not cold outside - it is delicious. 

I also like to watch the raindrops, just to come out and sit on my porch and watch them dropping down.  I live in a quiet neighborhood, so you can actually listen to the rain here too.  Yeah, this may sound about as exciting as watching paint dry, but really this is not supposed to be exciting, it is supposed to be meditative.  And, as I said, rainwater smells delicious, which I can't say about paint.

I wanted to make something rainy from glass, so I came up with a design of a rain could.  I wanted it to be fluffy, an adjective normally not used in conjunction with the word "glass".  Why fluffy, you'll ask.  Well, I used to listen to a lot of The Orb about 20 years ago, and still sometimes listen to it, and the phrase "Little Fluffy Clouds" is a part of me at the subconscious level :) 

So anyway, I thought that if my glass cloud was seamless it would help me to convey the fluffiness.  But just cutting a single piece of glass in a shape of a cloud would have been boring, so I decided to overlay two transparent textured pieces of glass instead.  I tried that in two combinations: purple Artique glass with powder-blue Waterglass, and bright blue Waterglass with clear Ice glass.  That let me use two colors of chandelier crystals I had. 

I think both combinations turned out well, and they convey a totally different mood.  The paler purple/blue combination yields a moody feeling, while the brighter blue/clear one radiates a happy mood.  And chandelier crystals I used for rain drops definitely give that perfect touch casting wonderful dancing sun spots when the weather is good.