Father's Day is coming soon and I hope you got your Dad a perfect gift.  Recently, I got a request for a pencil holder, a masculine one.  It was meant to be a Father's Day gift and was supposed to look at home in a serious-looking office full of heavy furniture.  I do have mustached pencil holder in my Etsy store, and this is what caught my customer's eye, but that one was too silly.  I needed to come up with a more substantial, more serious design.

So, I thought, what could be more masculine than a rock?  I did have some very nice polished agates in my supply cabinet, but the its future owner was a nature-lover, a rugged outdoors guy, so the polished agates, though gorgeous, would be too wimpy.    

I did some research and found some very nice stone slices.  They were almost twice thicker than agates I usually use, and they were not polished, but treated with oil.  That gave them a soft glimmer and a rich finish as though they were waxed.  I ordered a few and made the pencil holder for the rugged outdoorsy guy's serious office.  My customer was very happy!

And then I went ahead and made this set from the remaining three slices.  I used the same thick cream-colored glass that complimented the stones perfectly. This is a sturdy, substantial set, quite masculine but good looking enough to be owned by a lady.  My husband named it "The Wild Set" it reminded him of wild forests, which, I should say, even the most dignified office workspace could feel like at times.