A Blooming Cherry Tree

I have been designing this project for a very long time.  The sketch, made on a stray piece of scrap paper has been floating in the top drawer of my desk for months. 

Somehow, the vision, so clear on paper, refused to come together in glass.  I could not make up my mind which glass to use for the tree - none of the glass sheets I had seemed to be interesting enough.  The tree had to really pop, and I could not come up with how to do that because I knew I wanted it to be a blooming cherry, and the colors would be subtle.

I also could not decide how to frame the tree or what to put in the background.  I knew that I wanted the tree to bask in sunshine and could not come up with a concept on how to make that happen.  So I just kept thinking about it on and off…

The first thing to come together was the overall composition and background.  I saw an arch somewhere on the street and it hit me - I have to have an arch.  And if I could make it a beveled arch, it would enhance to the "basking in sunshine" feeling, guaranteed. 

I did some research on bevels available and purchased a circle, 12 inches on an inside - that gave me the dimensions of my future work.  Then I went on to lay out the rest of the beveled frame according to that measurement and - surprise - I had just enough bevels in 1x2 and 1x3 sizes with none to spare.  I took it as a good sign.