It is the middle of October, and the first month of autumn is almost over.  The trees are still green, though some are starting to change color.  There are bright yellow and red spots in the foliage here and there all over.  In my yard everything is still green except for one tree that is almost done turning yellow.  It stands out dramatically like an adventurous golden streak in an otherwise dark hairdo - meant to be there to catch your eye and turn heads.

The leaves are not falling yet, but I can't wait.  I love to watch them coming down from my kitchen window.  Leaves, sometimes gracefully floating down if there is no wind or swirling wildly on a windy day.  And, of course, when leaves will cover the grass in our back yard, we will go raking and my kids will run around laughing, throwing leaves in the air and jumping into the pile.  I can't wait…

In the meanwhile, I made a falling leaf of my own.  Here it is, artfully photographed suspended in mid-air.  It took me a while to accomplish that since this leaf is a panel for a night light and it does not have the little hanging hoops.  No, I was not throwing it up in the air and then trying to take a photo, it was a little more complicated :)  As a suncatcher, this leaf glows with beautiful amber color when turned on.