A Bat, a Rat, and a Cat

Try to think of Halloween movies and cartoons which are set at a Haunted Mansion.  What would the typical billboard or DVD cover shot be?  The Mansion glimmering in the background and the bats flying out, rats crawling between the tree roots in the overgrown yard and, definitely, a black cat lurking somewhere in the foreground.

I do sympathize very much with these three Halloween ambassador figures coming from the animal kingdom and simply had to have their likenesses made in stained glass to go with my Haunted Mansions and Haunted Houses.  

The bat just had to be a night light - when lit, the eyes shine and the black silhouette of the bat really stands out in the light reflected by the wall.  Check out more pictures of the bat here.  And I found the perfect glass to make it out of - the glass itself looks like the navy blue, almost black, night sky with spooky mist floating in the air.

The rat and the cat became two suncatchers, so they could be hung together in a window.  They are quite a dynamic pair. 

The rat is white, since a grey rat would really not look good in stained glass, even despite the glorious glowing red eye. Plus, I think being white gives it special charm.  And yes, I am aware of the fact that typical rat tails are bare - but I just thought this rat had to have a tail "hairdo" :)  This is a refined, educated kind of rat that wears an ornate collar and pays a lot of attention to grooming.  

The cat... well, it is not a black cat, for the same "would really not look good" reason...  But I think it is even more sinister as a brown marble tabby.  It changes its appearance drastically depending on lighting. The picture you see here was taken in the shade, and the cat becomes almost completely brown when the sun shines through it.  I did pay a lot of attention to these eyes - they seem to change their color with lighting too.  I hope I was successful in depicting a fluffy cutie that turns into a little devil once its owner leaves the room. 

So I have all three of them in the room right now, the sinister cat hunting the enlightened rat in the window while the bat is sailing the night unconcerned.