My Haunted Mansion

I am happy to announce that my Haunted House candle holders are back at my Etsy shop!

I have always been a big fan of The Addams Family movie and especially of Morticia played by Anjelica Huston.  She was deliciously creepy.  So, I designed my first Haunted Mansion thinking of her.  I gave it curving gables and tall windows, and made sure that the interior clad in spider webs would be very much visible.  Then I added a spider dangling off the roof.  

I was really excited about this candle holder because it could really dress up a fireplace mantel and made a great centerpiece for the Halloween table.  Kids loved it because it was a little spooky and way cute, and adults loved it for the same reasons.

The design proved to be popular, so I had to come up with two more Haunted Mansion candle holders and two smaller Haunted House tealight candle holders.

Only one Haunted House remained in my possession long enough to be used as a decoration for my own Halloween party, only to be snapped up by my 10-year-old nephew :)  The rest have sold and I am proud to report that two of them were actually a wedding gift - pretty cool, huh?

I have not planned to make this many haunted dwellings when I started out, but I am sure glad I did.  Only this year I have to make even more of them because I have to make sure I have an extra matched pair to decorate my own house for Halloween.