Rooster Made to Order

Do you remember Fabio the Bird and his girlfriend Celia?  They are the cartoonish 3D birds I made last spring.  Celia has found a new home, she flew off to New York state and took a cottage candle holder with her :)  Fabio is still here, in my house, I display him proudly on one of my wall shelves.  This design is offered in my Etsy store, but when it sells I will, most probably, make Fabio Jr, since I can't imagine letting the original one go.

Last week a lady contacted me asking if Fabio could be made into a rooster.   I started to design that, at first trying just to dress Fabio up a bit so he would look the part.  Then I realized that Fabio was a totally different kind of bird, and that the rooster version had to be separate.

Somehow, a thought of making a cartoonish rooster did not appeal to me anymore, so I had to come up with a real-looking one.  I searched the internet for images and decided I liked the breed called Salmon Faverolles…  So here's my take at it: a 3D Stand-up Rooster made of stained glass.