Glass and Feathers

Recently I came up with a mixed media design for a bird.  I decided to combine glass with beads and feathers to make a festive hanging bird ornament.  It is a versatile ornament, it can adorn your Christmas tree, or be placed on your car mirror, can be given as a small present, hang on a doorknob or in your window.   

I used glass to make the bird's body, and then made wings from wire, and used wire to attach a feather tail.  I used ribbon with a glass heart bead to hang the ornament.

You can make your own ornament like this.  If glass is not your medium of choice, you can make the body from wood, a porcelain shard, or cardboard covered with origami paper.  Really, there is nothing innovative in this design, and it is pretty easy to make it your own whatever materials you might want to use.