A Daschund - Amazingly Lifelike!

I have already written about my friend Yana once.  Yana lives in Ukraine and works with felt.  She makes amazing felted scarves, purses and jewelry, all totally to die for - you can see it all in her Etsy shop named YanArt.  All of these pieces are amazing, designs are unique, colors are bright and craftsmanship is superior.  I am always amazed when I see Yana's new works.

But most of all I marvel over her pet portraits.  Take a look at the two she has made most recently - a Dachshund and a Schnauzer.  They look totally real.  I mean, those dogs have a FACIAL EXPRESSION, their eyes look at you from the photos and you can feel the emotion, and your hand just reaches out to pet them.

Once again, I take my hat off before Yana's talent.  Way to go, and many more amazing pet portraits like that!