Lots of Ornaments...

Since the beginning of November I have been working hard to build up my inventory for a corporate bazaar I decided to take a part in.  I have been making unhealthy quantities of business card holders, beveled snowflakes, and assorted Christmas tree ornaments. 

I have to say that I sell all of these items in my Etsy store, and they have been selling out as I was making them.  Do not take me wrong, I am grateful for the wonderful holiday sales season, but I am just a little bit tired of the rush. 

The bazaar is this Friday, and currently I have icicles hanging from all the shelves in my work room, bird ornaments turning as their tails catch in air currents, a nice neat stack of snowflakes looking gorgeous in the lights, and a small army of Santas hanging off Christmas trees, not to mention all other items.

I think, I am ready.  In the next two days I will pack it all up in bubble wrap and plastic crates, make it all ready to be shown off at the bazaar.

To tell you the truth, I like how my workroom looks festive now with all of these decorations, and it makes me a little sad that I will have to take them all down tomorrow. 

And this just got me thinking: maybe I should make more to decorate our family Christmas tree…  Maybe this year instead of all the ornaments I have collected over the years I should decorate with ornaments my kids and I have made ourselves.  It would be pretty cool and meaningful too, but I think an 8-foot tree would be out of the question :)