A Random Act of Kindness

Some time in November last year a stranger reached out to me.  A lady I have never met wrote me an email.  She said she saw my work online and wanted to give me some glass she did not need.  Just like that, asking for nothing in return.

I went by her house and was blown away.  I received a huge treasure trove of glass, much more than I could have imagined.  I am not kidding, there was A LOT of glass, not some as she mentioned on the phone.  In fact, it barely fit into my minivan with all four back seats removed.  The glass was gorgeous, and it took me hours to unpack and I was admiring every piece.

I did not go to pick up the glass with empty hands, I wanted to give a gift too.  I asked the lady in advance which pieces of mine she liked the most and based on her reply decided to give her a Cottage Lantern and a Christmas Tree candle holder.  This year I mailed her a little gift as well, some ornaments to put on her Christmas tree.

I used her glass throughout this year and thought of her every time I did.  I felt grateful every time, more so for the wonderful inspiring gesture she made than even for the glass itself.

I wanted to share this with you this Holiday season.  I feel we all have to give when we can, small and large, and these random acts of kindness will add up and save the world.