The Power of Citrus

You know how during winter everyone needs an extra boost and takes vitamins?  I feel that after a long, cold, grey winter our senses need a boost too.  Citrus fruit are perfect for it.  Whenever I see a picture of an orange, a tangerine, or a lemon I immediately can smell it and want to peel it and enjoy the taste.

This stained glass candle holder I made has an iris bloom in it.  I have some irises planted in my backyard and I can't wait for them to come up.  I felt that taking a picture of this candle holder with tangerines and an orange would increase the feeling of freshness and springy happiness I wanted it to convey.

Below is the picture of the same candle holder taken without the citrus and with a lit tea candle in it.  Notice how the green glass is slightly a different color, the white streaks in the blue glass are more subtle and the orange middle of the flower pops even more. 

The middle of this iris bloom is made of an agate bead.   This makes the front panel look really three-dimensional, and the flower looks much more natural.