My collection of Victorian Teapots


I love teapots.  Any kind.  I just love them.

A teapot for me is a symbol of a kitchen, home cooking and coziness - everything that makes a house into a Home (yes, with a capital H).  I have quite a few teapots in my kitchen, porcelain and cast iron, vintage and modern.

I use most of my tea pots to brew tea and switch from one to another quite often.  I also have a small decorative collection of Victorian teapots, the kind with a stand and a burner, so one would place a teapot onto a nicely appointed tea table and light a burner to keep it hot.   

All these teapots have been made at the very end of the 19th century, which means they're about 115 years old now.  I found them on Ebay, restored them and covered them in a special lacquer so they would not tarnish anymore.

I made a few night lights in a shape of a teapot.  This one is a pale pink color with lavender spots and silvery decorations.  It looks very much like a real teapot - check out this picture I have with a coffee cup.  It looks great lit up and definitely has an elevated coziness factor - just a thing you might need in your kitchen.