A Fairy Cottage

A lot of kids, especially, little girls, love to draw little cottages that would suit a gnome or a fairy really well. 

The cottages in the pictures are a little lopsided and rarely have a door.  They always have a gabled roof and a large window colored yellow. 

The lights are on in these houses, meaning that someone is home, someone kind and nice is in there ready to welcome guests.  Every little girl wants to go into the house she is drawing and be a guest, or even live in it.


Little girls grow up but a notion of their little cozy cottages remain firmly planted in their subconscious.  This cottages will grow in size, acquire rooms, staircases, a kitchen, and finally evolve into the Dream Houses, possibly surrounded by a white fence.

I have grown up quite a while ago, and I live in my Dream House now.  But the tiny cottage is still in my memory, and the light is on inside, welcoming me.