Mozart - Concerto in E Flat for 2 Pianos

I fell in love with Mozart in my teens after I watched the movie Amadeus.  I listened to Mozart sometimes before then, but the soundtrack of that movie went right through my heart.  I owned a tape of it, then a CD, and now I still listen to this soundtrack on my iPod.

One of the tracks there really caught my attention.  Mozart's Concerto in E Flat for 2 Pianos has become one of my favorites and I listen to it so often that sometimes it is actually playing in my head. 

This music reminds me of a small crystal-clear spring weaving its way through pebbles, maybe with a small waterfall here and there. 

This Concerto has inspired me to design and build a stained glass lamp

It is a column lamp in a shape of a diamond.  Each side is made from iridescent glass in blue-green pearl color with a little "stream" of clear, blue and green glass nuggets running through it. The top rim of the lamp is unevenly shaped to simulate ripples on spring's surface.

When this lamp is not lit, the sea foam iridescent glass looks wonderfully bright in sunlight punctuated by nuggets in copper seams.  Once it is dark in the room and the light is turned on, the glass becomes a milky pearl color, and the glass nuggets really come alive giving the lamp much more dimensionality.