Clear Bevel Cyclamen

I got a lot of positive feedback on my Pink Cyclamen, which, though scientifically inaccurate, resembled the real cyclamen flower quite closely.

So, I decided to take this abstraction a step further, and make a more geometric model of a cyclamen flower.  The idea remains the same - it is a single bloom with a single leaf.  But the whole composition is now made of clear glass, so there is no color to help me in depicting this earthy flower.

The bloom itself is now made of four diamond bevels.  They catch the light and give a lot of volume to the bloom.  The leaf is made of clear crinkle glass.  The flower and the leaf sit in a small clear glass votive candle holder full of small clear glass marbles and secured with clear resin epoxy.

The clear bevel flower arrangement is practically colorless, and sparkles brightly when hit by sunshine.  Did I succeed in revealing the beauty of Cyclamen in this geometric and scientifically inaccurate work?  I'll let you decide :)