Cyclamen is such a fun flower.  Cyclamen plant flowers come in a variety of colors from white, to pink, light purple,  and dark red.  They grow in the wild but can be a houseplant.  There are varieties that are frost-hardy and those that are not.  They thrive in the shade where most other plants wither. 

I love the heart-shaped leaves and clumps of flowers of cyclamen plants.  I love how compact the plants are.  And the slightly disheveled flowers that look down rather than up are a really good break from all the neater-looking blooming crowd.

I wanted to recreate this plant in stained glass, and as always the design (by Mother Nature) had to be simplified in order to fit into the rigid rules of the medium.  So, here it is, a single cyclamen bloom with a single leaf - something you will never see in real life. 

Did I succeed in revealing the beauty of Cyclamen in this scientifically inaccurate work?  I'll let you decide :)