This Style is in our Blood - Part 3

In my sketches, I draw grass, mushrooms, twigs and moss as if I suddenly became 6 inches tall.  I really like to show you my fairy forest from a gnome's point of view.  We do not normally notice the grass and the moss because we are too tall and there are fascinating things going on...

Recently I have decided to take the theme of the fairy forest combined with agates one step further.  I created a fairy forest piece that not only incorporated multiple agate slices, but also made use of another thing I love to combine with glass.

Light.  It makes stained glass come alive.  A ray of sunshine and shadows from the leaves outside dancing in the wind make panels hanging in a window breathe.  A flickering flame of a candle brings life to my candle shelters.  And a simple light bulb will give an otherwise flat piece some dimension and add warmth.

So, this time around I built a fairy forest lamp.  It is a triangular column that is 13 inches tall.  The back two panels are decorated with swaying lines to simulate the movement of grass in the wind.  And on the front panel there are two blades of the magic fern that I like so much, four agate cattails and a twig with four agate buds.  This time around I managed to create a much more detailed design in a much more confined space.  Also, I think it has more movement than my Tiger Thistle in a Fairy Fog panel.

I am pretty sure I will come back to this theme again and again, creating a better piece every time.  It will, most probably, happen not very often, maybe every year or so, with the design forming slowly in the back of my brain.  I am sure there will be many more iterations.  After all, this is inevitable - this style is in my blood.