As I was driving home today I looked up at the sky and saw INSANELY BEAUTIFUL CLOUDS.  There was a lot of them, different shapes and colors, different density and size, they were layered and interlaced, creating the most beautiful, unbelievable "landscape" in the sky.  I did not have my camera, only my phone, and I took some photos at traffic lights.

The road made turns and I saw more and more cloud formations and clouds of different shapes.  There was one that looked like a fish, another that looked like a pumpkin, and then there was a whole flotilla of dark cigar-shaped clouds floating in front of a huge very white cloud mountain.

When I got home I grabbed my camera and drove to the top floor of the nearby metro parking garage in hopes of making more photos of this splendor.  Unfortunately, the trees were too tall and blocked off some of the view, but I managed to snap some good pictures before the light changed.