Summer Musings

This summer somehow seems much hotter than ever.  I do not know what it is - the thermometer shows the numbers that are expectable, but at the same time I find it impossible to go outside.  At times, I open the front door and immediately get an urge to slam it shut…  Of course, I am not a hermit and I do go outside, running chores, accompanying my kids, watering the plants - but I get no pleasure from it, none, zero.

Last weekend my friend gave me and my family an unexpected present - he took us on a boat ride along the Potomac river.  It rained the day before and that brought the temperature down a bit.  I even packed light jackets for the kids - something that seemed surreal :)  The morning was perfect, the skies were overcast, and there was a light breeze on the river.

We spent two fabulous hours in the boat and got to see Washington monuments from the water, a view you rarely get. We stopped for ice cream in old town Alexandria before we turned back - and everyone was just plain happy. 

So this week I was editing photos of my recent works and noticed that while they were pretty different, one adjective invariably came to mind when I tried to describe them.  Have you guessed which?  HOT... 

This one, a wall bud vase, I think has it all - the heat of summer, the dark nights that do not bring a cool breeze, the ocean, and the overcast skies.  And if you look at it while lit from behind, all illusion of coolness the glass and copper give it disappears, and you can see or even physically feel the heat.