Adapting an Existing Design for a Bigger Space

It happens sometimes that there is a need to adapt an existing design for a bigger space.  This Spring I adapted the same design - my Windy Sunrise panel, originally 13 x 20 inches in size - twice using two different techniques.

One of my customers wanted the Windy Sunrise panel recreated as close as possible for a window approximately 28 x 28 inches in size.  For this, I had to modify the "portrait" design to fit into a square.  Also, the tree became almost twice taller, so I added more branches to keep it interesting.

Another customer wanted the Windy Sunrise design enhanced to fit a 24 x 36 inch opening.  That meant enlarging the panel by 5.5 inches on left and right, and by 8 inches on top and bottom.  I used bevels and orange "sun" glass to draw the original design out, and then framed it in blue glass.