Can You Recreate This Panel for Me?

I will gladly recreate some of my panels for you, yet others I would rather not.  It very much depends on the type of the design, on glass that was used for the original panel, etc.  Over the past ten years I have received numerous requests to recreate my Irises panel. This panel falls into the "do not recreate" category for me, and I was politely declining such suggestions until this Summer.  Turns out, if you bug me long enough, I cave in.

I made sure I explained to my client that it would not be an exact match.  I provided a selection of geode slices for her to pick the three that she liked most.  Then I took her glass shopping, and together we selected a gorgeous piece of streaky blue art glass.  I built the panel, and, as you see, it is not really a twin of the original.  However, that did not matter because my client really had her own panel built by me, all based on selections she made, and matching her home's decor.